Dr. McPhee at ASM2015

Dr. McPhee recently attended the annual American Society for Microbiology meeting in New Orleans where he presented his work describing the role of a propanediol utilization system in the fitness of adherent-invasive E. coli. The meeting was a massive event with hundreds of fantastic presentations of new developments in the role of the microbiome in host health and disease, interesting environmental microbiology and loads of great metagenomic research. There might have been some beer consumed as well – but we aren’t telling specifics!ASM2015 poster

Youn Hee Cho receives Ryerson URO award


Youn Hee Cho, a fourth year undergraduate researcher in the McPhee lab was awarded a Ryerson University Faculty of Science Undergraduate Research Opportunity Award. This award will allow Youn Hee to develop her project on how adherent-invasive E. coli are able to resist human host-defense peptides. Congratulations Youn Hee!

McPhee lab receives NSERC funding


We are excited that we were successful in NSERC’s most recent Discovery Grant competition. This award will allow us to answer our basic questions related to how enteropathogens¬†are able to resist host-defense peptides, a critical component of our innate immune system. We’re grateful to the grant-writing/editing team here at Ryerson for all of the help in preparing the grant and to the anonymous (and very gentle) reviewer who liked what he/she read.

NSERC logo

McPhee lab up and running


It’s been a fairly slow start at getting our research program off the ground, but thanks to the support of other faculty here at Ryerson, particularly Dr. Martina Hausner who is sharing her valuable laboratory space with me, we are off to the races. Stay tuned for future developments!